"Working The Party"

by Lacey Cross

This hotwife didn't expect a game of truth or dare to turn quite so filthy.
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# Erotica

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My college years were wild and I was quite the slut, but once my husband put a ring on it, I've settled down. I thought I was content until my husband dares me to fuck the birthday boy at his friend's party. A fire lights up inside me and I can't resist the temptation to be a super slut like I was back in college. I'm going to make this one birthday party that the lucky guy will never forget. But my husband has one more surprise for me. He gives me free rein to fuck as many guys as I want. I'm ready for whatever depraved pleasure awaits--I'm going to devour every inch of these men, allowing myself to be shared, used, and filled while my husband watches.